Sewer Connection Notice

Documents below relate to official “Notices of Availability” sent on various dates in early 2018 to residents who are located adjacent to public sanitary sewer and are required to connect pursuant to Michigan Act 368 of 1978 and Oshtemo Township Code 232.008.

For other proposed expansion areas that have other supportive financing opportunities like loans or grants or new connections, these documents and rates may differ. Please contact public works staff to confirm.

Reference (1): Amended and Restated Sewer Main Connection Charges(PDF, 132KB)

Reference (2): City of Kalamazoo Water and Wastewater Rate Schedules, 3/2/2020(PDF, 83KB)

Reference (3):  Options to Re-purpose an Old Septic Tank(PDF, 358KB)

Reference (4):  Oshtemo Township Sewer System Impact Analysis, Upjohn Institute, October 29, 2015(PDF, 3MB)

Reference (5):  Aging Septic Systems Fouling Michigan Waters, Detroit Free Press, January 16, 2017(PDF, 180KB)

Reference (6):  Kalamazoo County Health Department Endorsement Letter(PDF, 185KB)

Reference (7):  USDA Rural Development Loan – Preliminary Engineering Report(PDF, 3MB)

Reference (8):  Summary of Public Outreach and Community Engagement(PDF, 16KB)

Reference (9): Frequently Asked Questions(PDF, 316KB)

Reference (10): 2020 Oshtemo Roads PASER Map(PDF, 464KB)

Reference (11):  Notice Template(PDF, 89KB)

Public Notices

August 8, 2017 Township Board Meeting Minutes(PDF, 235KB)

Kalamazoo Gazette Announcement(PDF, 830KB)

November 2017 Township Newsletter(PDF, 3MB)

January 2018 Township Newsletter(PDF, 4MB)