Master Land Use Plan

What is a Master Land Use Plan?

The Michigan Planning Act defines a Master Land Use Plan as a land use and infrastructure plan that sets forth local goals, objectives, and policies for community growth and/or redevelopment over the next 20 – 30 years. The Master Plan is an official document authorized by Michigan law that serves as a basis for zoning and can be viewed as a blueprint for a community’s future. State Law requires that a Master Plan be updated/reviewed at least every 5 years. Some benefits for having a Master Plan include:

  1. Consistency in decision making: The plan gives decision makers a stable point of reference for taking action.
  2. Ability to make informed decisions: The plan provides facts on existing conditions and trends, enabling decision makers to better understand the impact of their decisions. Staff use these documents to define scope of projects or leverage opportunities to pursue projects.
  3. Achieve predictability: The plan describes where and what type of development the community desires.  This information allows for the zoning, purchase, and use of land consistent with community goals.
  4. Maximizing use of resources: The plan includes information from different stakeholders, departments, and sources. This information can be used in deciding and prioritizing which projects to undertake (such as promoting brownfield redevelopments, buying land for parks, or applying for grants for affordable housing, etc.)  It also can be used to inform the location and size of utility extensions and coordinating road improvements.
  5. Preserving community character: The plan describes the community’s vision for the future and establishes its existing and intended growth.  It permits the community to identify what is important and how it should be protected.
  6. Produce positive economic development: Planning for a community helps existing residents and businesses better predict the future development of an area.  This prediction creates a comfort level for knowing what to expect on neighboring properties.  It also encourages new businesses and residential developments because there are clear expectations.

Oshtemo Township Master Land Use Planning Documents:

  • 2019 Cemetery Master Plans