Sign Permit Application Process

Following are the items required for sign permit applications. If you have any questions about sign permits please call the Oshtemo Township Planning Department at (269) 216-5223.

Required items for permanent signs (pylon signs, ground/monument signs, wall signs, sign face replacements)

  1. Sign Permit Application.(PDF, 56KB)
  2. Building Permit Application (required for signs with a foundation). SMBA
  3. Electrical Permit Application (for illuminated signs). SMBA
  4. Confirmation of Code Compliance(PDF, 50KB) for Sign Install
  5. Drawing of sign face with face dimensions and height measured from ground. Attachment details are required for all new wall signs. Construction details are required for ground signs.
  6. Sealed, engineering plans are required only for pylon signs and must include a description of footings.

Required items for temporary signs

  1. Temporary Sign Permit Application.(PDF, 169KB)
  2. Drawing of sign face with face dimensions and height measured from ground.

Fee schedule for sign permits (other fees may apply for electrical and building permits, see building department for questions)

  • New Sign $75
  • Face Change on existing sign $50
  • Temporary Sign $25
  • Agricultural Directional $10/sign

All sign permit applications MUST be signed by the property owner as well as the applicant.

In order to expedite the permitting process, please submit separate checks for sign permit fees and building/electrical permit fees.

*Click here for the sign ordinance*

*Click here for a checklist with requirements for sign permit applicants(PDF, 21KB) *