Core Values and Vision


To advance the quality of life of all residents through a commitment to responsible growth, and value-driven municipal services that promote the relationships among economic vitality, environmental stewardship, and social equity.


A sustainable and innovative community built through a legacy of planned, responsible growth and rural preservation.

Core Values:


  • Fair treatment to all people.
  • Each customer is welcomed and that their input is wanted.
  • Difficult questions are not marginalized.
  • Allow residents to interact directly with the township staff and officials.
  • Decisions are made based on the value to our Township and residents.


  • Meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations.
  • Consider the environment through practices that reduce impacts.
  • Value conscious decision making.
  • Committing to quality Fire and Police protection.


  • Providing the best value-conscious technology currently available.
  • Leverage new technologies and ways of doing business to increase accessibility and improve services.


  • Hire staff with strong core competencies within their given profession.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement to government operations.
  • Dedicated to open communication to improve productivity and effectiveness.


  • Decisions are made logically through the collection of evidence, facts, and public input.
  • When promises are made, we follow through.
  • We do not obfuscate - we say what we mean and do what we say.
  • Transparent governmental practices are of the highest priority.


  • Ensure that tax payer investments are spent wisely, effectively and efficiently.