Planning & Zoning Department

About the Planning Department:

The Planning Department is responsible for guiding, directing, and reviewing land use development activities within Oshtemo Township by administering the Zoning Ordinance and implementing the Township's Master Land Use Plan. Department staff serve the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Downtown Development Area Board, South Drake Road Corridor Improvement Authority, and are actively involved with the Township Board. The Planning Department provides assistance and information in the following areas:

  • Development proposals (Site Plans, Special Exception Uses, Subdivisions/Site Condominiums, etc.)
  • Zoning Ordinance provisions and amendments
  • Rezoning requests
  • Dimensional Variance requests
  • Master Land Use Planning
  • Sign permits
  • Land divisions, re-descriptions, and combinations
  • Addressing
  • Demographic information

The Planning Department also responds to requests for information from residents, developers, and others and works closely with the other departments, engineer consulting firms, and other County and State agencies. 

Walk-in Office hours are on a first-come, first-serve basis:

  • Zoning Administrator, Colten Hutson, available Wednesdays, from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. ET

 Please Note: No appointments will be scheduled during walk-in hours

Department Annual Reports:

Department Annual Reports

Every year the Oshtemo Planning Department produces a report that satisfies the requirements of Section 308 of the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act (Public Act 110 of 2006, as amended), which states that a Planning Commission must prepare an annual report documenting the administration of their municipality’s Zoning Ordinance and outline possible future amendments to the Ordinance. The reports below fulfill this obligation and provide updates on planned activities and projects. It should be noted that the Planning Department has expanded the scope of the report to further document the activities of the Zoning Board of Appeals and the administrative activities of the Planning Department staff. By doing so, these document provide a more complete picture of Planning and Zoning activities within the Township. This report is intended to not only document past and ongoing activities but also help the Township Board develop its own work plans and budgets for the coming year.

Planning Resources and Documents:

Master Land Use Plan Documents

Go! Green Oshtemo Plan