Recent Survey Results

Housing Survey 

Thank you for your help in shaping the future of housing in Oshtemo Township! We heard from over 500 residents in the Oshtemo Township Housing Survey. This is a significant response and we are very excited by the interest and participation! The survey was open from November 18th 2022 to March 3rd 2023. Background about the study and preliminary survey results can be viewed in the links below.

The survey results will inform the Oshtemo Township Housing Plan. This plan will investigate existing housing, as well as suggest strategies to improve current conditions and address future housing needs. The housing plan will include housing assessment data, market demand data, and community feedback. Using the information and feedback collected, the Planning Commission is in the process of identifying goals, objectives, and strategies. Preliminary data for this plan can be found along with the survey results through the link below. Please check back for updates and/or join us at Planning Commission meetings. The plan is scheduled to be completed in July 2023. We look forward to continued conversations. 

5G & Broadband Survey

We are pleased to share the 5G & Broadband Survey results! Thank you to all 400+ residents that participated! These answers will help local governments, nonprofits, and businesses provide communications technology to meet the needs of our community. Stayed tuned for an evaluation of the data collected and next steps!

Historic Survey Results

Community Survey 2017: 2017 Survey(PDF, 2MB)

Community Survey 2013: 2013 Survey(PDF, 1MB)