Yard Waste Disposal Program

Looking for the Bulk Trash Disposal Program? Click here.

What is the program?

The Yard Waste Disposal Program is a service provided by Oshtemo Charter Township for residents of the Township to dispose of yard waste such as grass clippings, brush, and leaves. The program will run from March 1 through November 30 each year. Each household is entitled to two yard waste vouchers per year.  This program is in addition to the Bulk Trash Disposal Program.

How do I use it?

Step 1:    Obtain a voucher from the Township Hall (7275 West Main Street) during normal business hours. Vouchers can be requested in advance on our website, but must be picked up in-person. Each resident must show their state-issued ID matching the residential address on the voucher.

Step 2:    Bring up to four cubic yards of yard waste to the WasteNot Recycling facility (3025 Ravine Road) anytime during their normal business hours. Present your voucher to their staff.  You must also present your state-issued ID matching the residential address listed on the voucher to redeem it.

When can I use the voucher?

Anytime between the months of March and November during the year printed on the voucher.

What if I have more than four cubic yards of yard waste?

Unlike the Bulk Trash Disposal Program, you may choose “stack” your two yard waste vouchers to redeem up to eight cubic yards of yard waste in one visit. If you have more yard waste than allowed by your voucher(s), you may choose to pay an additional fee to WasteNot Recycling to dispose of it.

What am I not allowed to bring?

The following items are prohibited: appliances containing freon, asbestos, batteries, motor oil, pesticides, explosives, ammunition, firearms, hazardous materials, lithium-ion batteries, medical waste, propane and compressed gas tanks, radioactive material, sealed drums, tires.  WasteNot Recycling reserves the right to refuse any load for any reason.

What does four cubic yards of yard waste look like?

In a medium-size pickup truck, two cubic yards would fill the bed of the truck.  Four cubic yards would reach the top of the cab.  A washing machine or an oven are approximately one cubic yard.

Can I make multiple trips using one voucher?

You may not make multiple trips using one voucher.  If you are not able to transport the entirety of your yard waste in one visit, you could consider borrowing or renting a larger vehicle or trailer.  Once a voucher has been redeemed at the facility, it may not be re-used – even if you only brought two cubic yards of yard waste with you.

More questions?

Call 269-375-4260, email oshtemo@oshtemo.org, or stop by our office!