Election Administrators:
Dusty Farmer, Clerk
Melissa Rugg, Deputy Clerk
Kerri Tyler, Elections Specialist

Election Commission:
Dusty Farmer
Zak Ford
Clare Buszka


Where do I vote?

View a map of Oshtemo Precincts


Visit www.michigan.gov/vote to view your voter info, request a ballot, update your mailing, and more.

Register to Vote

To register to vote you must be a U.S. citizen, at least 18 years of age by election day, and a resident of Michigan and the city or township where you are applying to register to vote.

Register to Vote

You may also register by mail by completing this voter registration application and mailing it directly to the Oshtemo Clerk’s Office at 7275 West Main St., Kalamazoo, MI 49009.

In addition, the following State agencies offer voter registration services to their clients: Department of Human Services, the Department of Community Health and the Department of Career Development. Military recruitment centers also provide voter registration services.

The Michigan Voter Information Center can assist in identifying if you are a registered voter. The site also provides other useful information including precinct locations & maps and a calendar of important election dates.


Upcoming Elections

Visit the Voter Information Center


You can also call us at 269-216-5224 or email elections@oshtemo.org

Early Voting is from 8 am -5 pm beginning the second Saturday before an election and ending the Sunday before the election.

On Election Day, polls are open from 7 AM-8 PM

Absentee Ballot Information

How is an absentee ballot processed?(PDF, 150KB)

All registered voters are eligible to vote via an absentee ballot. You can find more information about voting by absentee ballot and apply for a one here. All voters are also eligible to request to be on the permanent ballot list, and a ballot will be sent to your registration address each election.

Applications can be returned by mail, drop box, or email. Ballots can be returned by drop box and mail.

If you would like more information regarding an accessible ballot, please call 269-216-5224. Military and Overseas Voters can can vote from wherever they are located by filling out a Federal Postcard Application.



Early Voting

For information about Early Voting, and to apply to become an Early Voting Inspector with Kalamazoo County, visit:

Kalamazoo County Early Voting

Become an Election Inspector

Becoming an election worker is a great way to get involved in our community! Oshtemo has 10 election precincts and 3 absentee counting boards, and we are always recruiting more workers. As the technology used in election processes continues to change, it is more important than ever to have qualified people serving as election workers. Poll workers are required to be registered voters in the State of Michigan. To apply, submit an Election Inspector Application to the Clerk’s office.


Picture Identification at the polls

Precinct election workers are required to ask for photo identification at the polls. The following are acceptable forms of photo identification assuming they are current and a picture is provided:

  • Michigan Driver’s License or Personal ID
  • Non-Michigan Driver’s License or Personal ID
  • Federal or state government-issued ID
  • U.S. passport
  • Military ID
  • Student ID – high school or accredited institution of higher education
  • Tribal ID card
  • Veteran's ID
  • Municipal ID
  • Concealed Pistol ID

If no photo ID is available, that voter may sign an affidavit attesting that he or she is not in possession of a photo ID and vote a regular ballot.