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Telephone: 269-375-4260

Fax: 269-375-7180

NON-EMERGENCY Sheriff/KCSO: 269-488-8911

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Township Officials


Libby Heiny-Cogswell
Phone: 269-216-5220 | E-mail:


Dusty Farmer
Phone: 269-216-5224  |  E-mail:


Clare Buszka
Phone: 269-216-5221  |  E-mail:

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Cheri L. Bell
Phone: 269-372-2275  |  E-Mail:

Kizzy Bradford
Phone: 269-375-4260  |  E-mail:

Zak Ford
Phone: 269-271-5513  |  E-mail:

Kristin Cole
Phone: 269-375-4260 |  E-mail:

Township Office Personnel


Kristine Biddle
Phone: 269-216-5225  |  E-mail:

Planning Director

Iris Lubbert
Phone: 269-216-5223  |  E-mail:

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Parks Director

Karen High
Phone: 269-216-5233  |  E-mail:

Ordinance Enforcement

Rick Suwarsky
Phone: 269-216-5227  |  E-mail:

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Public Works

Anna Horner
Phone: 269-216-5228  |  E-mail:

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Fire Department

Fire Department (non-emergency): 

Phone: 269-375-0487

Acting Fire Chief Ron Farr

Phone: 269-375-0487  |  E-mail:

Southwest Michigan Building Authority (SMBA)

Phone: 269-585-4150

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