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September 9, 2003

Public Comment session was held at the Township Hall. Clerk Everett called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. Motion by Everett, second by Corakis to appoint Trustee Bushouse as chair for the meeting. Carried.

Clerk Deb Everett
Treasurer Nancy Culp
Trustee Lois Brown
Trustee Dave Bushouse
Trustee Ted Corakis
Trustee Stan Rakowski

Also present was Patricia Mason, Township Attorney, Marc Elliott, Township Engineer, and Fire Chief Ken Howe.



Fire Chief Howe provided information concerning the availability of emergency sirens as discussed at the August 26th meeting. He advised a study indicates 10 sirens would be required to provide coverage to the entire Township. He further advised at this time there were up to four used sirens available from the recent Palisades Plant upgrade, at a cost of $5,080 per siren delivered and installed, each would cover a radius of 4,500 feet. Chief Howe also advised the cost for new sirens is $19,300 each plus a set up cost of $7,000 for the necessary computer software and these sirens would cover a 5,200 foot radius. He also advised he had received information that the City of Kalamazoo estimates their annual maintenance cost at $240 per siren.

Board member discussion included concerns of standards for use, cost of sirens versus personal weather monitors, funding not available for enough to cover the entire township at once, and where would they be placed if a limited number could be purchased. There was also discussion of purchasing used equipment rather then new, life span of used equipment, availability of parts and service, etc.

Motion by Brown, second by Rakowski to not purchase used equipment if the Board decides to go forward with any purchase of sirens. Carried.

Motion by Culp, second by Corakis to postpone further consideration of the issue to the 2004 budget discussions. Carried.

Trustee Bushouse called the regular meeting to order at 7:15 p.m.

Clerk Deb Everett
Treasurer Nancy Culp
Trustee Lois Brown
Trustee Dave Bushouse
Trustee Ted Corakis
Trustee Stan Rakowski

Also present was Patricia Mason, Township Attorney, Bob Snell and Marc Elliott, Township Engineers, Fire Chief Ken Howe, Mary Lynn Bugge, Planner, and 5 interested people.

Trustee Rakowski requested his comments regarding favoring building a new building rather than renovating the Parkview Building be added to the August 26th minutes. Motion by Brown, second by Corakis to approve the minutes of the August 26th meeting with the correction and the minutes of the August 28th special meeting as presented. Carried.

Income to the General and Fire Funds of $886,381.28 and disbursements of $175,343.42 were reported. Motion by Corakis, second by Brown to accept the report as presented. Carried.





Planner Bugge advised the Board that the Final Approval of a Preliminary Plat for the proposed Rosewood Plat on North 9th Street had expired and the developer, Ken Patel was requesting a six-month extension of the approval and approval of a name change for the plat to Bela Sera. She further advised Mr. Patel expected to request Final Approval of a Final Plat within six months.

Motion by Rakowski, second by Corakis to grant a six-month extension of Final Approval of a Preliminary Plat and approve the name change of the plat from Rosewood to Bela Sera. Carried.



A Planning Commission recommendation, introduced at the August 19th joint meeting, to update to the Access Management Plan was before the Board for Second Reading.

Motion by Culp, second by Rakowski to adopt the resolution amending the Access Management Plan. Roll call vote showed Brown-yes, Bushouse-yes, Corakis-yes, Culp-yes, Everett-yes, Rakowski-yes.


Clerk Everett advised when the recent republication of the ordinances was completed it involved a proof reading of the material which caught that the retiree suffix had not been added to the health insurance ordinance and the fiscal year date was not corrected when the township became charter. She further advised the land division ordinance should be amended to reflect the language being considered by the Planning Commission requiring sidewalks or non-motorized pathways in new development and the requirement to provide digital copy of the final plat.

Motion by Culp, second by Rakowski to accept the ordinance amendments for First Reading and set Second Reading for September 23rd. Carried.



Trustee Brown advised the Personnel Committee had met with staff and were recommending an amendment to the Employee Handbook to add guidelines for external security when employees are working in the field. The recommendation includes each department establishing guidelines.

Mrs. Brown commented she was pleased with the staff participation in the process.

Motion by Brown, second by Rakowski to adopt the resolution amending the Employee Handbook to include the External Security guidelines. Roll call vote showed Bushouse-yes, Corakis-yes, Culp-yes, Everett-yes, Rakowski-yes, Brown-yes.


Chief Howe presented a proposal for sealcoating the parking lot at Fire House #2. He advised the lot had not received the maintenance coat since being installed. He advised he had received a proposal from Heystek & Sons in the amount of $2,976.00.

Trustee Corakis inquired if more than one bid was sought and commented he was not happy with the result of the sealcoating at the Township Hall. Chief Howe advised the job performed was what Heystek had been requested to do. Trustee Rakowski advised he met with Mr. Heystek and Chief Howe; there are some cracks that will be filled. Trustee Bushouse inquired if there were any cracks or repairs necessary to the Fire House #2 lot; Chief Howe advised the original contractor had made some repairs around drains and the lot is currently free of any cracks or low spots. Chief Howe commented there have been other instances when a rapport and satisfaction with a vendor have been established when no other bid has been sought.

Motion by Rakowski, second by Culp, to approve the proposal from Heystek & Sons in the amount of $2,976.00 for sealcoating the parking lot at Fire House #2. Carried with Corakis voting no.


Chief Howe presented a request to purchase a thermal imaging camera as part of a cooperative purchase with other area departments. He advised it would be placed on the engine at Fire House #2, the addition of a second department camera would make it possible to dedicate one to the Rapid Intervention Team, the cost has been substantially reduced by the group purchase to $15,100, and a second camera would insure having one available.

Chief Howe and Trustee Rakowski cited the past use of the camera that revealed fire in the wall of a dwelling that would have gone unnoticed for several hours.

Motion by Rakowski, second by Everett to approve the purchase of a thermal imaging camera in the amount of $15,100. Carried.


Chief Howe advised the plans for repairs to the roof at Fire House #1 were now ready to send out for bid. Consensus was to use the same method approved for the Parkview Building for requesting bids.

Motion by Everett, second by Culp to request a time and material bid with a cap, require a $100.00 deposit for plans issued by the architect, publish the bid request and send the request to specific contractors, with a statement that the Township is not bound to accept the lowest bid. Carried.


Trustee Bushouse advised the Board two of the properties on Stadium Drive in the sewer extension area approved by the Board at the August 12th meeting had encountered problems and were under time constraints as a construction project is underway and needs to be connected soon. Mr. Bushouse advised the Sewer & Water Committee felt consideration should be given due to miscommunication between the Township, Engineer, and property owners, Jeff Crosby and Jeff Mauchuar.

Engineer Elliott presented three bids received for the project and recommended the Township accept the low bid from Bailey Excavating in the amount of $49,950.00. There was discussion of the necessary accommodations to connect the properties under construction to the sewer once installed.

Motion by Rakowksi, second by Culp to accept the bid from Bailey Excavating in the amount of $49,950.00 for construction of the sanitary sewer extension on Stadium Drive. Carried.

Motion by Culp, second by Corakis to direct the Engineer to negotiate with Bailey Excavating for the necessary earthwork, fill over the lead and repair to the driveway, necessary trenching from the lead to the structure, and installation and connection by a licensed plumber from the structure to the sewer lead. Carried.

Engineer Elliott advised the Board he felt more investigation was required concerning the issue of low water pressure on Beech Street.

Motion by Brown, second by Corakis to refer the matter to the Sewer & Water Committee to hold discussions with the Engineer and City of Kalamazoo. Carried.


Trustee Rakowski commented he felt an old photo that had been given to the Township should be preserved and framed. Mr. Rakowksi offered to look into this.


Trustees Corakis and Bushouse commented on their recent attendance of the National Towns & Townships Association meeting in Washington, D.C. Mr. Bushouse advised he had through the assistance of Congressman Fred Upton's office arranged for a conference call with representatives of the EPA regarding the KL Landfill issue. He advised there would be another conference call on September 16th.


Treasurer Culp advised Capt. Timmerman from the Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Department had provided information concerning a presentation for safety for seniors to be held on September 18th at Third Reformed Church.


Clerk Everett commented on the attendance of Township staff and firefighters at Oshtemo Day. She noted that several staff members participated in the construction of the Township float and staffed the booth. She felt they should be commended for their efforts and giving of their time to participate in community events. She noted that firefighters participate in community events year round on their own time.

Motion by Everett, second by Rakowski to recognize and commend Township staff and firefighters for the generous donation of their time to the community.

There was no further business and the meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:30 p.m.

Township Clerk