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June 27, 2000

The Oshtemo Township Board held its regular meeting at the Township Hall. The meeting was
called to order by Supervisor Fleckenstein, at 7:00 p.m.

Supervisor Ron Fleckenstein
Clerk Deb Everett
Treasurer Lois Brown
Trustee Norm Anderson			
Trustee Marvin Block
Trustee Dave Bushouse

Also present was Patricia Mason, Township Attorney, Bob Snell, Township Engineer, Jodi
Stefforia, Planning Director, MaryLynn Bugge, Planner, Wilfred Dennie, Planning Commission
Chairman, and 15 interested people.

Motion made by Block, seconded by Brown to approve the minutes of the June 13th  meeting. 

Income to the General Fund of $10,169.54 and disbursements of $62,602.18 were reported. 
Income to the Fire Fund of $48.02 and disbursements of $129,983.17 were reported.   Motion
made by Anderson, seconded by Block to acknowledge the receipts and pay the bills.  Carried.
                       CITIZENS COMMENTS
Kadir Mohmand, 6147 Old Log Trail, read a statement questioning several points of the site plan
for Warehouse Distributors and asked the Board to resign.

Michael Peat, 9134 Highland View Drive, inquired if questions can be asked.  Attorney Mason
advised it is appropriate to make comments on non agenda items but for questions or obtaining
documents the proper method is to go through the FOIA procedure; the board meeting is not a
cross examination of board members.  Mr. Peat then asked if the bids were destroyed for Station
2, if final figures on the project are available, why had no additional hours been scheduled for
parking enforcement officers in July and is money being made; it looks like a cost.  Supervisor
Fleckenstein responded the bids had been destroyed, the final figures are not available yet, and he
would be glad to meet with him and discuss concerns regarding the OEO  program.

Brian Molony, 4334 South 12th Street, advised he will not be a candidate for Township
Supervisor, but will be running the campaign for John VanDyke, Connie Endres, Michael Peat
and Barry Steadman.

Steve Denison, representative of State Sen. Dale Shugars, advised he was here to take comments
or questions back to the Senator.

                 TEXT AMENDMENT - I-R DISTRICT 
Planning Commission Chairman Wilfred Dennie presented a recommendation regarding office
development in the Industrial districts.  He advised a review of industrial land use by a
committee of citizens had been conducted as well as a review of  ordinances from eight other

The current 10 acre minimum parcel size would be maintained in the I-R district and would
allow office buildings with a minimum 10,000 square feet, retail and/or service establishments
would be permitted provided they are not the primary use.  

The recommendation also includes the removal of enclosed storage buildings and mini-
warehouses as a permitted use in the Commercial district; they would be a permitted use in the 
I-1 district, commenting the Planning Commission felt the nature and appearance of the facilities
would fit well in the industrial setting.

The recommendation also includes amending the I-1 district to apply the same site design criteria 
being proposed for the I-R district.

In response to questions from Trustee Bushouse, Mr. Dennie and Planning Director Jodi Stefforia
advised parcels not meeting the 10 acre minimum would be grandfathered, the requirement of
total ground coverage not to exceed 50% includes parking, and any grandfathered or 10 acre
parcel could be subdivided into a park.

Mr. Bushouse also questioned what was found objectionable regarding the mini-storage facilities
in the Commercial district.  Mr. Dennie advised that in considering the use and appearance, the
Planning Commission felt this type of entity is better served in the industrial setting.

Treasurer Brown inquired if there had been discussion of the increase in mini-storage facilities
due to the number of apartments developing in the Township as well as county wide.  Mr. Dennie
concurred the observation seems to be that is what occurs.

In response to a question from Trustee Anderson, Mr. Dennie advised the 10,000 square foot
minimum for building size was arrived at since that is the maximum allowed in R-3 and to
encourage large scale office parks in Industrial districts where they would be compatible. 

Kadir Mohmand commented he thought Republicans would be less government, but he sees
more law; too many laws cause more problems and reminds him of a communist country.   

Michael Peat commented he feels the apartments do tend to support a lot of temporary storage
and is at odds as to why they should be removed from Commercial.  He further commented he
does not think they are an eyesore, they are a convenience item to many businesses and feels
there are landscaping codes and green area they could be required to preserve.  

Bill Jameson, 1715 Old Deer Run, commented he doesn’t see mini-storage as an eyesore,
however, feels it is not a good use of commercial property but is compatible with restricted
industrial.  He further commented we need organized control of development and supports the

Treasurer Brown advised her previous questions were for clarification as to whether or not a
study had been done on the relationship between apartment development and increase in mini-
storage facilities. 

Motion made by Block, seconded by Anderson to set the text amendment for first reading on July
11th.  Carried.  

Mr. Dennie presented a recommendation to amend the Master Land Use Plan (MLUP) to update
the text regarding the Industrial districts with the results of the study done by the citizen
committee.  The study recommends the level of industrial land be maintained in several major
locations, revision of the definition of industrial to reflect the nature of industry today, and
updates statistics regarding acreage and carrying capacity of various roads.  References to
industrial park development and a preference to direct them to large industrial parcels is also
included.  The update would also include the inclusion of the adult business ordinance and
change in indoor recreation and enclosed mini-storage facilities.  

Motion made by Block, seconded by Everett to set the amendment for first reading on July 11th. 

Mr. Dennie presented a recommendation to change drive up and drive thorough windows from
permitted uses to special exception uses in the Commercial district.  He further commented this
would give the Township the ability to work with developers regarding the proper placement of
this feature on a site.  He further stated the goal is not to disallow the use but to provide a
mechanism for input regarding site layout when a drive up window is part of a development.    

Trustee Bushouse commented he feels this allows too much interpretation as boards change over
time and he would rather see a standard which gives a developer a minimum to work with.  

Attorney Mason advised it is not intended to be a limitation or interpretive matter, rather a tool to
deal with unique features of the use.

Mr. Dennie commented the recommendation allows flexibility so site specific circumstances can
be dealt with.

Clerk Everett inquired what had brought this to the attention of the Planning Commission that
they felt it needed to be reviewed.  Mr. Dennie advised they had received applications and did not
have the criteria of special exception use to consider all the circumstances.  

Treasurer Brown asked for a review the special exception use criteria that is used.  Ms. Stefforia
advised it includes considering if the proposed use would be detrimental to adjacent properties,
encourage use of the land in accordance with its character, is the proposed use compatible with
other uses in the area, and impact of safety and welfare of the community.  She further advised
these criteria are applied to each special exception use application.

Trustee Block commented this is a step in the right direction, it gives more flexibility to
everyone, including the developer.  

Bill Jameson commented the appropriate reviewing agency should be given flexibility to make
these accommodations,  this is not a new issue, and the Township must have tools to encourage
proper development and would encourage the recommendation be moved forward.  

Motion made by Anderson, seconded by Block to set the amendment for first reading on July
11th.  Carried 5-1 with Bushouse voting no.

               FIREWORKS PERMIT - 3700 WOLF DRIVE
Supervisor Fleckenstein presented a request from Ronald Jacobs for a fireworks permit for July
4th.  Mr. Jacobs had been granted a permit last year and his application indicated the necessary
insurance coverage.

Motion made by Anderson, seconded by Block to approve the permit.  Carried.

An invoice in the amount of $4,485.92 was received for annual dues to the Michigan Townships

Treasurer Brown and Trustee Block commented they felt the membership is very beneficial.

Motion made by Brown, seconded by Everett to approve payment of the dues.  Carried.
                     BOARD MEMBER COMMENTS
Trustee Bushouse inquired if the new fire station was now open, what was done with the sign
from old Station #2, is the new station being manned and did the attorney approve the procedure
using volunteers for the staffing so overtime does not become an issue.  He was advised that the
station is open, the sign has been moved to the new station, staffing is by volunteers and Attorney
Mason advised she had discussed the volunteer issue with Chief Howe.
Supervisor Fleckenstein advised the Kalamazoo County Health Department would be presenting
a program Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. regarding water issues in Kalamazoo County at our Township

He also advised the water project for Springwood Hills project is nearly complete with some
finishing work being done on landscaping, the capping of the abandoned wells is continuing.

In response to a question from Trustee Anderson, he advised the West Main water project should
be completed in approximately three weeks.

There was no further business and the meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

DEBORAH L. EVERETT                              Attested: RON FLECKENSTEIN
                                   Township Clerk                              Supervisor