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June 26, 2001

The Oshtemo Township Board held its regular meeting at the Township Hall. Supervisor VanDyke called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

PRESENT: Supervisor John VanDyke Clerk Deb Everett Treasurer Nancy Culp Trustee Lois Brown Trustee David Bushouse Trustee Jim Worline

Also present was Patricia Mason, Township Attorney, Marc Elliott, Township Engineer, Mary Lynn Bugge, Planner, Ken Howe, Fire Chief, and approximately 20 interested people.

Motion by Brown, second by Bushouse to approve the minutes of the May 22nd meeting. Carried.

Income to the General Fund of $19,006.30 and disbursements of $70,812.52 and income to the Fire Fund of $840.72 and disbursements of $28,765.64 were reported. Motion by Culp, second by Worline to acknowledge the receipts and pay the bills. Carried.


Kadir Mohmand, 6147 Old Log Trail, commented that a letter from Mr. VanDyke dated September 2, 2000, indicated he if came into power he would investigate several matters such as the bidding process for Fire Station #2, the development on North 10th Street, Jack Siegel's project, and other matters. He also commented that a couple of months ago he told Mr. VanDyke he had documents regarding Fire Station #2 and the Jack Siegel development, he believes the local authorities are covering up these matters and there is a need to go to higher authorities. He further commented he is still waiting for Mr. VanDyke to do something and asked if someone is threatening him, is that why he is backing up. Mr. VanDyke responded he is not being threatened, the information Mr. Mohmand gave him had been presented to the State Police and Mr. Mohmand had received a copy of their report that indicated nothing criminal. Mr. VanDyke advised Mr. Mohmand that if he has more documents he could take them to the State Police himself. Mr. Mohmand responded he believes the State Police is covering up and would like Mr. VanDyke make an appointment with the Attorney General. Mr. VanDyke responded he would look at any new documents with legal counsel or Deputy Supervisor Curtis Bell. Mr. Mohmand commented he does not trust Mr. Bell. Mr. VanDyke advised he would have to have a legal opinion before he turned over any documents to authorities. Mr. Mohmand commented he would bring the documents to a public meeting.


Clerk Everett advised the procedure would be the same used for the previous appointment.

Trustee Worline commented that he was present for the interviews of Mr. Brodasky and Mr. Corakis and had listened to the tape of the interviews with Ms. Borgfjord and Mr. Husted as well as spoken with Ms. Borgfjord by telephone.

First tally of three choices resulted in 5 votes each for Grace Borgfjord, Tom Brodasky, and Ted Corakis, 2 votes for Nedra Collins and 1 vote for Scott Husted. Second tally of two choices resulted in 4 votes each for Grace Borgfjord and Tom Brodasky, 3 votes for Ted Corakis and 1 vote for Scott Husted. Final tally of one choice resulted in 4 votes for Tom Brodasky and 2 votes for Grace Borgfjord.

Motion by Brown, second by Everett to appoint Tom Brodasky as Township Trustee. Roll call vote showed Brown-yes, Bushouse-yes, Worline-yes, Everett-yes, Culp-yes, VanDyke-yes.

Mr. Brodasky was then sworn in and seated at the dais.


Marty Myers, Fire Marshall from the City of Kalamazoo presented information to the Board regarding the need for a regional fire/police training center. He advised there have been ongoing discussions regarding this issue and at this time there are six entities committed to participation in formulating a business plan for such a center. The current members are WMU, KVCC, City of Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, City of Portage, and Kalamazoo Township. Oshtemo is being asked to be the seventh member and contribute $5,707.00 toward the cost of a consultant to formulate a business plan for a training center. The center would include facilities for a driving course, fire tower and practice burning.

In response to Board member questions, Mr. Myers provided the following:

Grant money will be sought and applications might be looked upon favorably with several units working together.

Technical committees will be set up to define training needs.

The project team will have a representative from each participating unit.

In kind donations are expected and non-governmental users would provide financial support.

The center would be marketed as a regional facility.

Feedback from other municipalities has been positive and they will contribute to the technical committees.

No decision has been made on how it would be managed.

The facility could house a central dispatch.

Two possible sites are being considered, one may be donated.

Original partners will pay lower usage fee and have priority for use.

The consultant report is due by November 1st and he expects the plan to be completed by the end of the year.

A letter of commitment is needed at this time; payment can be made by November 1st.

Fire Chief Ken Howe commented such a center would enhance our training program, one of the largest benefits would be the driving course; the department requires annual driver review and KVCC no longer allows their parking lots to be used.

Motion by Bushouse, second by Brown to approve consultant fee of $5707.14 to be paid by November 1st, with Supervisor VanDyke as our representative on the project team. Carried.


Chief Howe advised he has been coordinating purchase of fire hose for several years for the Kalamazoo County Chief's Association. This method allows hose to be purchased in bulk at a lower price. The current order does not include any for our department, however, would be purchased as usual through Chief Howe.

Treasurer Brown commented this is an excellent example of governmental cooperation and commended the Chief for his participation.

Motion by Brown, second by Brodasky to approve Chief Howe coordinating the purchase of hose at a cost of $6,353.00, with our funds not released until reimbursement has been received by the municipalities involved. Carried.


Planner Mary Lynn Bugge presented the plat of Rose Arbor No. 3 for final approval of a preliminary plat. She advised the Kalamazoo County Drain Commissioner has approved construction plans subject to providing a drainage agreement and submission of fees, the Kalamazoo County Road Commission has approved the road construction plans subject to submission of an itemized estimate of construction and payment of inspection fees. Public sewer and water will serve the plat and approval is subject to execution of agreements and payment of applicable fees, and street lighting located in accordance with Township requirements and coordinated by Consumers Energy. She further advised on the status of the conditions upon which Step 1 had been previously approved.

There was discussion with the project engineer, Pat Flanagan, regarding the requirement of 12-inch water main to be installed in South 11th Street. He felt the line serves the entire Township not just the development and requested a meeting with the Sewer & Water Committee to discuss the issue. It was noted that any change from current policy would require Board approval.

Trustee Brown commented she would like the results of the discussions with the committee be brought to the Board. She further commented that fairness is an important issue and if agreements are made that not everyone can participate in, it results in treating some citizens in a different manner; we must be consistent in how the rules are applied.

Motion by Bushouse, second by Brown to grant Final approval of a Preliminary Plat approval to Rosewood Plat subject to the conditions of the Planning Department report. Roll call vote showed Brown-yes, Bushouse-yes, Everett-yes, Culp-yes, Worline-yes, Brodasky-yes, VanDyke-yes.




The Planning Commission recommendation for rezoning approximately 4.5 acres form R-2 to R-4 located on the north side of Parkview Avenue in the 6000 block and a correction of an error in a legal description at 8401 Stadium Drive was before the Board for Second and Final Reading.

Motion by Brown, second by Brodasky to adopt the ordinance amendment. Roll call vote showed Brodasky-yes, Brown-yes, Worline-yes, Bushouse-yes, Culp-yes, Everett-yes, VanDyke-yes.


Supervisor VanDyke advised he had held discussions with Chief Howe that resulted in the Chief requesting Trustee Worline be appointed Fire Commissioner. Mr. VanDyke advised Trustee Bushouse had presented a letter at this meeting indicating he would like to be considered for the position.

Kadir Mohmand inquired who has experience and knowledge about the Fire Department. Mr. VanDyke commented he felt both Trustees have expertise in certain areas.

In response to Mr. Mohmand's question, Trustee Worline commented the position entails being a liaison between the Fire Department and the Township Board as well as input into the business side of the Department, assisting with budgets, etc. He felt his education, which will result in a Masters Degree in public administration in another semester, fits the need since this is a public administration type position. He further commented that Trustee Bushouse definitely has the experience on day-to-day operations, they are both good candidates but felt with his business background he is qualified.

Trustee Bushouse commented that he has been involved with the Township and the Fire Department for a long time and feels that he has the most qualifications to express to the Board what is in the best interest of the department and the residents.

Clerk Everett commented the Board is in an awkward position having to choose between two board members who want the same position and they both bring qualities that would be useful.

She further commented that with no disrespect to Trustee Bushouse she would make a motion to appoint Trustee Worline since he had expressed his interest in this position and she had indicated she would support him before knowing that Trustee Bushouse was interested.

Motion by Everett, second by Culp to appoint Trustee Worline as Fire Commissioner. Carried.

Clerk Everett commented that even though we have a Fire Commissioner, any Board Member is free at any time to ask questions and past practice had been that in the event of a major purchase or project the Fire Department is anticipating, Chief Howe has always sought out each Board Member to provide information and an opportunity for input or questions, and she would expect this practice would continue. Trustee Worline concurred.


Motion by Everett, second by Brown to appoint Trustee Brodasky to the Building & Grounds Committee and Road Committee. Carried.


Ordinance Enforcement Officer Scott Paddock advised the speed trailer has been placed in service and a traffic count in the 1500 block of South 9th Street totaled over 27,500 vehicles from Friday morning to Monday afternoon. He also advised the trailer was being recharged and is available if anyone wished to see it after the meeting.


Engineer Elliott advised work is continuing on the plans and costs for extension of water to the 1st/2nd Street area and some of the information should be available at the next meeting.

He also advised bids were received and analyzed for the KL Avenue sanitary sewer extension and is awaiting payment from the developer for their portion of the project before presenting the bids to the Board.

He further commented work on the 9th Street project continues, there has been some disruption in water service, there have been some engineering changes necessary and he felt the City will be participating in some of the extra cost.

There was no further business and the meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:40 p.m.

Township Clerk

Attested: John VanDyke