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June 13, 2000

The Oshtemo Township Board held its regular meeting at the Township Hall. The meeting was
called to order by Supervisor Fleckenstein, at 7:00 p.m.

Supervisor Ron Fleckenstein
Clerk Deb Everett
Treasurer Lois Brown
Trustee Norm Anderson			
Trustee Marvin Block
Trustee Dave Bushouse
Trustee Fred Johnson

Also present was Richard Reed, Township Attorney, Bob Snell, Township Engineer and 16
interested people.

Motion made by Johnson, seconded by Block to approve the minutes of the May 23rd meeting. 

Income to the General Fund of $14,694.13 and disbursements of $64,542.24 were reported. 
Income to the Fire Fund of $254.00 and disbursements of $120,542.90 were reported.  In
response to questions from Trustee Bushouse, Treasurer Brown advised a partial refund of a
building permit fee was made when the project was discontinued and receipts to the Fire
Department shown from other departments were for a joint purchase reimbursement.   Motion
made by Anderson, seconded by Johnson to acknowledge the receipts and pay the bills.  Carried.
                       CITIZENS COMMENTS
Kadir Mohmand, 6147 Old Log Trail, inquired if each board member has contacts or family ties
with  Jack Siegel, Charlie Hill or Warehouse Distributors, Inc.  He further commented that
properties sold by the Township for $10,000 were recently appraised for $304,500 and inquired 
if taxpayers were ripped off.  Supervisor Fleckenstein advised he would be glad to respond in

Brian Molony, owner of Rollerworld, 7491 Stadium Drive, advised he submitted a request for
rezoning, along with the fee,  over 6 months ago and inquired as to the status.  Supervisor
Fleckenstein advised he would follow up on his inquiry.

Michael Peat, 9134 Highland View Drive, introduced himself as a candidate for Treasurer and
made inquiries regarding the status of the COG reorganization, the position of the COG
executive director, why firefighters who are Ordinance Enforcement Officers (OEO) are only
scheduled on weekends, are final figures available regarding construction of Fire Station #2; 
will it be over budget, did the Supervisor and Fire Chief change numbers on the bids for Fire 
Station #2, and what does the attorney retainer fee cover.  Mr. Peat was advised that COG will 
meet next on June 22nd, if reorganization is approved the search for a director would commence 
probably within the next three months, an agenda item addresses the OEO shortage, final figures 
on Station #2 are not yet available, but it will be under budget, figures on the bids were not 
changed, and we do not pay a retainer to the attorney.  Attorney Reed reminded Mr. Peat that he 
has a right to speak but should limit his activity to comments.  

Brian Molony commented that he recalled hearing at a previous meeting that citizens can ask
questions, but Board members are not required to respond.  Attorney Reed advised both
statements are correct.  Mr. Molony further inquired if assessment records of trustees are
available to the public and was advised they are public information and available upon request.  

Deb Buchholtz Hiemstra, 5310 Lindenwood, introduced herself as a candidate for County

James Durant, on behalf of Mehdi Purazrang, owner of 6477 Stadium Drive, referring to the site
plan for the furniture store under construction next to his clientís property, indicated he feels 
the site plan does not meet the criteria of the zoning ordinance regarding the number of parking
spaces required and the setback, and feels the site plan was prematurely approved.  He referred to
Mr. Mohmandís earlier statement regarding the appraisal of Township property sold, commenting that 
he has a copy of the appraisal and it appears "someone didnít do any homework".    Supervisor 
Fleckenstein inquired if Mr. Durant planned to submit his concerns in writing, Mr. Durant indicated 
he would and Mr. Fleckenstein advised he would respond and refer the matter to the Planning Department.

Supervisor Fleckenstein presented an amendment to the Parking Violations ordinance and
Uniform Traffic Code which would prohibit alteration or misuse of a handicap parking permit for
Second Reading.   

Motion made by Block, seconded by Anderson to adopt the ordinance amendment.  Roll call vote
showed Anderson-yes, Block-yes, Brown-yes, Everett-yes, Bushouse-yes, Johnson-yes,

Supervisor Fleckenstein advised recommendations have been received from the Township
Engineer and Attorney for final plat approval for Wyndalyn Woods.  Engineer Snell advised all
reviewing agencies had also given their approval.  

In response to Treasurer Brownís question regarding the driveway issue concerning the adjoining
property, it was noted the driveway access is now located off the plat street, Wendalyn Way. 

Clerk Everett noted that the plat fees were still due. 

Motion made by Brown, seconded by Block to grant final plat approval to Wyndalyn Woods
subject to payment of fees.  Carried.
Supervisor Fleckenstein advised a public hearing was in order for the installation of streetlights
in the developments of Wendalyn Woods and Quail Meadows. It was noted the proper notice of
the hearing had been mailed and published.  A special assessment of .4 mill will be assessed
against the benefitted properties, and will be placed on the 2000 tax roll.

There were no public comments and the public hearing was closed.

Motion made by Everett, seconded by Brown to adopt the resolution approving the special
assessment for the streetlights in Wendalyn Woods and Quail Meadows.  Roll call vote showed
Bushouse-yes, Johnson-yes, Block-yes, Anderson-yes, Brown-yes, Everett-yes, Fleckenstein-yes.

                      RELEASE OF EASEMENT
A request for termination and release of an easement on South 4th Street, south of KL Avenue
was requested by James Russell and Alvin and Martha Robinson.  The easement, originally
granted in 1984, is no longer needed to access interior property as a development proposed by
Mr. Russell and approved by the Planning Commission will provide a road into the property.

Attorney Reed advised the Board may wish to condition release of the easement effective upon
assurance that the road is actually going to be built or has been built.  

Engineer Snell expressed concern that the end of the road at the adjoining property on the east
did not have a 66 foot contact point.  

Trustee Bushouse asked for clarification that the road would be public and would extend through
the property to the adjoining property on the east.  

Charles Mack, 10575 West P Avenue, representing the developer, indicated having a 66 foot
contact point would not be a problem and he will contact their engineer.

Treasurer Brown commented this information should be conveyed to the Planning Commission. 
Trustee Block indicated he would do so.

Motion made by Bushouse, seconded by Johnson to release and terminate the easement upon
evidence that the road is being constructed in each phase and subject to construction of the public
road to the east property line ending with a 66 foot wide contact point.  Carried.

                  LANDFILL - COST SHARE GRANT 
Supervisor Fleckenstein advised the application made last fall for a Landfill Cost Share Grant
from the Department of Environmental Quality, Brownfield Redevelopment Board, has been
approved in the amount of $10,937.50.  

A resolution indicating intent to pursue any insurance coverage is required along with the
signatures of the Supervisor and Clerk on the grant agreement.  It was noted there is no insurance
available for this purpose.

Kadir Mohmand advised the Board he is a landfill expert and had asked to see the documents and
be involved, and if the Upjohn Company is responsible for poisoning the people, they are
responsible to pay for damages. 

Motion made by Johnson, seconded by Block to authorize the Supervisor and Clerk to sign the
agreement and adopt the resolution committing to pursue insurance coverage for eligible costs. 
Roll call vote showed Block-yes, Anderson-yes, Bushouse-yes, Johnson-yes, Everett-yes, Brown-
yes, Fleckenstein-yes. 
Supervisor Fleckenstein presented a request that two additional Parking Ordinance Enforcement
Officers be appointed.  They would fill two positions now open.  

Brian Molony commented he felt the Board should table this item and look into how many
ordinance enforcement officers are really necessary. 

Kadir Mohmand commented that he agrees with Mr. Molony and had heard, but has no proof,
that ordinance enforcement officers have been told to enforce the law for some people and not

Motion made by Johnson, seconded by Anderson to appoint Eric Haines and Christian Leese,
Parking Ordinance Enforcement Officers.  Carried.

Supervisor Fleckenstein presented an invoice for dues for the Regional Water and Wastewater
Commission in the amount of $9,524.00 for approval.

Engineer Snell commented that this organization was formed to continue work accomplished by
a 1972 EPA grant which provided funding for sewer studies for the county and projects, a good
deal of which have been completed.  The City of Kalamazoo was assigned the position of lead
agent for the EPA grant program.  The commission is composed of Supervisors and Managers of
municipalities working to see that there are facilities available throughout the county.  Mr. Snell
further commented that he is encouraged at a change in attitude with the City of Kalamazoo,
noting that the Kalamazoo City Manager and Public Utilities Director attended the commissionís
last meeting, indicating their support for programs of the commission and cooperation.

Supervisor Fleckenstein advised dues are based on $4.00 per customer for current sewer and
water customers.  Trustee Bushouse inquired if we are paying for the same individuals twice
since some will have both sewer and water.  Mr. Fleckenstein advised we are not as the dues are
based on the service with the larger number of customers, which in our case is water.  

Motion made by Johnson, seconded by Block to approve payment of the dues.  Carried 6-1 with
Bushouse voting no.
                     BOARD MEMBER COMMENTS
Trustee Bushouse inquired if a date had been set for the opening of the new fire station. 
Supervisor Fleckenstein advised it has not.

Clerk Everett advised the Park Committee had received a request from a resident planning a
birthday party in the Township Park to have a band perform.  Since this was the first request of
this kind, the committee was seeking Board input.  Treasurer Brown expressed concern at setting
a precedent for whatever is allowed and the noise factor should be considered.  Trustee Bushouse
felt the issue could be addressed if and when it becomes a problem.  Supervisor Fleckenstein
suggested if there is a concern the Park Committee may want to consider if regulation is
Supervisor Fleckenstein advised he had received a call from a resident who would like to see the
reinstatement of a drop off recycling site at the Township Hall and perhaps another location.  Mr.
Fleckenstein reminded the Board that the drop off sites were put in place on a temporary basis
until such time as curb side recycling could be put in place, which we now how.  He requested 
Board direction on pursuing a study for cost and details of reinstating a drop off program.  

Trustee Bushouse commented he would be in favor of going back to a couple of drop off
locations and has heard many comments in that direction.  

In response to a question from Trustee Anderson, Supervisor Fleckenstein indicated there were
problems with the previous drop off sites, the fact that they were not staffed caused debris to
accumulate and blow around the sites.  He further commented if a study were undertaken he
would recommend that it include staffing at the sites. 

Trustee Block felt the matter should be explored.  

Treasurer Brown felt Board members should be involved in the study and pointed out that
Trustees Bushouse and Block had expressed interest in having the study done.  With no
objections from other Board members, Supervisor Fleckenstein advised a study will be
undertaken and returned to the Board.

Michael Peat commented he also supported the idea. 

There was no further business and the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

DEBORAH L. EVERETT                              Attested: RON FLECKENSTEIN
Township Clerk                                            Supervisor