Township Board Minutes

January 26, 1999

The Oshtemo Township Board held its regular meeting at the Township Hall. The meeting was called to order by Supervisor Fleckenstein, at 7:00 p.m.


Supervisor Ron Fleckenstein
Clerk Elaine Branch
Treasurer Lois Brown
Trustee Norman Anderson
Trustee Marvin Block
Trustee David Bushouse
Trustee Fred Johnson

Also present was Richard Reed, Township Attorney along with 4 interested people.

Motion made by Block, seconded by Anderson to approve the minutes of our last meeting, January 12, as prepared. Carried.

Income to the General Fund of $14,401.97 and disbursements of $93,306.46 were reported. Fire Fund income was $.00 with disbursements of $73,852.04. Motion made by Johnson, seconded by Block, to acknowledge the receipts and pay the bills. Carried.



REZONING - 6070 AND 6024 W. MAIN

An ordinance amendment, rezoning 2.75 acres located at the northwest corner of W. Main and N. 10th Street, was presented for First Reading. The Planning Commission had recommended the area be changed from R-2 to R-3, which allows offices. Motion made by Brown, seconded by Johnson to accept the Planning Commission=s recommended and set the Second Reading for February 9. Carried.


In order to simplify our process and to expedite occupancy, the Planning Commission had recommended that an amendment be adopted that would allow for administrative approval of minor deviations from the site plan, at the discretion of the Planning Director.

An ordinance amendment had been prepared that reflected this recommendation as well as a change in performance guarantees.

Motion made by Block, seconded by Anderson to accept the ordinance for First Reading and set the Second Reading for February 9. Carried.


The problem of gypsy moths in our township was brought to the Board=s attention by a letter from Roger and Molly Williams, 2716 N. 9th Street. They had discovered egg sacks on their property and became concerned about the spread of these caterpillars.

Trustee Johnson and Attorney Reed both shared their experience with these pests that can destroy trees by defoliating them and can make outdoor living miserable. They both have property further north and reported on their problems with the caterpillars. John Carnago, who owns property at Gun Lake as well as in Oshtemo, had experienced the problem at the lake and was also concerned about the possible spread in this area.

Jeanne Himmelein, MSU Extension Horticultural Program Assistant, was present to provide information. The Board had received some material ahead of time, from her, to become familiar with the problem. She explained that the Federal government has a spray program that is administered through the County Board. That program is designed for urban neighborhoods.

Supervisor Fleckenstein reported on information he had received from the City of Kalamazoo regarding their successful spraying of the Milham Park and affected neighborhoods. Their cost was between $10.00 or $15.00 per acre.

Clerk Branch shared information she had obtained from a company called Praxis. They provide a solution using biological means not chemicals. In Allegan County their methods had been successful. They would oversee the project, which would use volunteers to attach paper cones containing natural enemies of the gypsy moths.

After some discussion, it was agreed that additional information packets will be sent to the Board Members and the Supervisor will check with the County to see if they have plans to use the Federal spray program. The item will return on our February 9 agenda.


In December, the proposed restructuring of the Council of Governments (C.O.G.) had been returned to their Committee to consider concerns that surfaced during discussions that were held by the various units of government in the County. These concerns included; the salary for the Director, the removal of the Road Commission from membership and the inclusion of private sector members on the Administrative Committee.

After review by the Committee, they recommended modifications that places the salary decisions with the Administrative Committee, with final approval by the full Council. The Road Commission would continue it=s membership and only elected officials would serve on the Administrative Committee. The voting and dues structure was not changed.

Trustee Anderson reminded the Board that we can always opt out of any issue or program if we chose not to participate.

Clerk Branch stated she was disappointed because the salaries were her main concern and it appeared that they were set aside. She had a fear that the issue would not return to us for a vote.

Treasurer Brown also felt that the salary issue will never be brought before the units of government because the Administrative Committee will make the decision.

Trustee Block asked if the ranges for Director was still between $80,000 and $100,000? In response, Supervisor Fleckenstein stated that C.O.G. is no longer saying the salaries have to be at the level originally stated. The Administrative Committee will determine salaries at the time a Director is hired.

At that point a motion was made by Anderson, seconded by Block to approve the recommendation by the Committee for the restructuring of C.O.G. A roll call showed: Anderson - yes Block - yes Branch - no Johnson - yes Bushouse - no Brown - no Fleckenstein - yes Motion carried 4 to 3.


The suggestion was made by the Treasurer and Clerk that the Standing Committees of the Township Board should select a chairperson at the beginning of each year. It was felt the position should be rotated so that each Committee member will share this duty.

Motion made by Block, seconded by Anderson that each Committee meet before our next meeting and select a chairperson. Carried.


Clerk Branch commented about the workshop session she attended at the Township=s Conference regarding the Year 2000 compliance problem. She suggested we communicate with our citizens on steps we have taken to be ready and ways they can be prepared.


Treasurer Brown attended several interesting sessions at the conference. She especially liked the advance session on Human Resources Update.


Trustees Block and Anderson also enjoyed the conference and attended worthwhile sessions.

There was no further business and the meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.


Township Clerk



Date Approved: Feb 9, 1999