Township Board Minutes

February 9, 1999

The Oshtemo Township Board held its regular meeting at the Township Hall. The meeting was called to order by Supervisor Fleckenstein, at 7:00 p.m.


Supervisor Ron Fleckenstein
Clerk Elaine Branch
Treasurer Lois Brown
Trustee Norman Anderson
Trustee Marvin Block
Trustee David Bushouse
Trustee Fred Johnson

Also present was Patricia Mason, Township Attorney and Robert Snell, Township Engineer along with 19 interested people.

Motion made by Block, seconded by Anderson to approve the minutes of our last meeting, January 26, as prepared. Carried.

Income to the General Fund of $15,168.12 and disbursements of $85,760.48 were reported. Fire Fund income was $15.00 with disbursements of $34,474.96. Motion made by Johnson, seconded by Block, to acknowledge the receipts and pay the bills. Carried.




A public hearing was held for the proposed Streetlight Special Assessment for the placement of a streetlight located at the corner of South 4th Street and Hathaway Road, the entrance to Stratford Hill Condominium development. Supervisor Fleckenstein reported that any property located within 300 feet of the light would be assessed .4 of a mil on their tax statement. He then asked for public comments.

Bob Rogers, 8759 Hathaway, spoke for the Wickford Association Advisory Committee. They had requested the installation of a light at the intersection for the safety of the school children waiting for their buses and to illuminate the entrance of their development. The corner is difficult to see when it is dark.

He went on to say that when their road is completed to Stadium Drive and the school buses can drive through, there would not be as great a need. Probably a low level light would be sufficient to identify their corner.

Residents along South 4th expressed their concern about the light shining in their homes or their desire to remain rural with no lights. The following people spoke:

John Vanschaik - 3848 S. 4th
Lori Bridgeman - 3988 S. 4th
Don Crowder - 3940 S. 4th

The following people spoke in favor of the streetlight, in order to make the area safer and to allow emergency vehicles to locate their street easier:

Al Johnson - 8848 Hathaway
Renee Miller - 8854 Hathaway
David Toth - 8695 Hathaway

Trustee Johnson stated he felt we should have a light there for the children and especially for the fire department and ambulances.

Trustee Anderson supported the need for a light for the Fire Department.

Trustee Bushouse agreed, referring to his past experience as Fire Chief and the problem of finding a street or drive with no lights.

Trustee Block was in favor of a pole light but not an overhead light.

Treasurer Brown voiced concern about Consumers Energy=s criteria for the location of a light. She felt we really should know where it will be installed.

A motion was then made by Johnson, seconded by Bushouse to put up a pole streetlight and set it as far back as possible from 4th Street.

Supervisor Fleckenstein reported that the wiring may already be in place for a light. The Treasurer felt we needed know the type of light that could be installed.

Clerk Branch felt a light would be important for safety but she pointed out that there are two types of pole lights. The high poles with the cobra lights or the shorter decorator poles that are used in plats. She felt the shorter pole may not bother the neighbors on 4th Street as much because the light would not shine out as far as.

The Supervisor offered to contact Consumers Energy to see what the options would be for the type of light and location.

At that point, the motion and second was withdrawn and a new motion was made by Johnson, seconded by Bushouse to table the matter until February 23. Carried.


A request had been received from Lake Michigan Mailers, Inc. to create an Industrial Development District for property located at in the 7300 block of Stadium Drive. A public hearing was held on that request.

David Rhoa, President of Lake Michigan Mailers was present and explained their plans to relocate their business from Comstock Township to the Stadium Drive location, as part of a condominum development. They would need to district created in order to later apply for an Industrial Facilities Exemption Certificate.

Their business currently employs 37 people and they foresee an increase of 10 jobs within two years of completion. Supervisor pointed out that the necessary resolution had been received from Comstock Township agreeing to the release of the jobs from their community.

There were no public comments.

Treasurer Brown questioned the wisdom of creating a district for only one business when it was located in a condo development. Mr. Rhoa responded that our attorney explained that it was more conservative to take each business as they come along. The township would have a better opportunity to approve or disapprove a district that way.

Motion made by Branch, seconded by Block to adopt the resolution to create the Industrial Development District. Roll call showed: All Board Members voted AYE.

REZONING - 6070 AND 6024 W. MAIN

An ordinance amendment, rezoning 2.75 acres located at the northwest corner of W. Main and N. 10th Street, was presented for Second Reading. The Planning Commission had recommended the area be changed from R-2 to R-3, which allows offices. Motion made by Anderson, seconded by Block to accept the Planning Commission=s recommended and approve the rezoning. Roll call showed: All Board Members voting AYE.

A motion was then made by Brown, seconded by Anderson to adopt the resolution amending the Land Use Plan from Residential to Transitional. Roll call showed: All Board Members voting AYE.



In order to simplify our process and to expedite occupancy, the Planning Commission had recommended that an amendment be adopted that would allow for administrative approval of minor deviations from the site plan, at the discretion of the Planning Director.

An ordinance amendment was ready for Second Reading and adoption. Motion made by Block, seconded by Johnson to adopt the ordinance amendment. Roll call showed: All Board Members voting AYE.



The problem of gypsy moths in our township had been discussed at our last meeting and further information had been provided to the Board for their consideration. Supervisor Fleckenstein reported that the Kalamazoo County Board has no plans to become involved in the Gypsy Moth issue, at this time.

There was a general discussion regarding the problem and whether or not the Township should become involved. The feeling was shared by most Board Members that because the problem is not township wide, it would be difficult to administer fairly and that individual property owners should take care of their own property.

It was suggested that the Township could help as an information resource center or even help to co-ordinate groups, i.e, neighborhood associations.

Trustee Johnson, who has had personal experience with the pests, did not agree. He felt we should take an active role and be prepared to try to stop them before they get to be a real problem.

A motion was made by Block, seconded by Brown that the Township will serve as an information resource center to make information available and to co-ordinate information from residents. Carried 6 to 1, with Johnson voting, no.

There was no further business and the meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Township Clerk



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