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August 15, 2000

The Oshtemo Township Board held its regular meeting at the Township Hall. The meeting was
called to order by Supervisor Fleckenstein at 7:00 p.m.

Supervisor Ron Fleckenstein
Clerk Deb Everett
Treasurer Lois Brown
Trustee Norm Anderson
Trustee Marvin Block
Trustee Dave Bushouse
Trustee Fred Johnson

Also present was Patricia Mason, Township Attorney, Bob Snell, Township Engineer, Mary
Lynn Bugge, Planner, and 11 interested people.

Motion made by Block, seconded by Johnson, to approve the minutes of the July 25th meeting.   

Income to the General Fund of $126,142.42 and disbursements of $152,446.58 were reported. 
Income to the Fire Fund of $15.00 and disbursements of $211,621.97 were reported.   Motion
made by Johnson, seconded by Anderson to acknowledge the receipts and pay the bills.  Carried.
                       CITIZENS COMMENTS
Scott Paddock, in his capacity as Mechanical Inspector, and speaking on behalf of the Fire
Department, addressed the Board concerning a rumor that the Fire Department requested a
restaurant have expensive work done that was not required, advising this is not the case.  He
explained during a recent routine fire inspection, the Fire Inspector noticed the hood and
suppression system certification was about to expire. Upon inspection by an independent
contractor, the system was “red tagged” for items not working properly.  He further advised an
upgrade was done in part due to parts not being available any longer for their current system.  
Mr. Paddock further encouraged Board Members to contact staff when they have questions or
concerns. Trustee Bushouse advised he had concerns regarding this matter and would be glad to 
meet with Mr. Paddock, and the Building and Electrical Inspectors.  

Mr. Paddock also advised the Board that a report had been made to the Kalamazoo County
Sheriff regarding an individual who on at least three separate occasions, identified himself as 
an employee of the Township and made statements regarding ordinances that do not exist.

                      RELEASE OF EASEMENT
Mary Lynn Bugge, Planner, presented a  request from Jim Russell, developer of Pine Acres on
South 4th Street,  that the Board reconsider an easement release previously approved on June 13,
2000.   Previous approval was conditioned upon evidence of a road being constructed in each
phase of the development and subject to construction of the public road to the east property line
ending with a 66 foot contact point.  

Mr. Russell is requesting the Board reconsider the conditions based on the following reasons:
in order to develop and market the lots in Phase 1, the existing easement must be released, there
are no plans to develop Phase 2 in the immediate future, and the road planned for Phase 1 would
eliminate the need for the easement.

Motion made by Block, seconded by Brown to release the easement when the road is constructed
to the end of Phase I and dedicated to the Kalamazoo County Road Commission.  Carried.  

Supervisor Fleckenstein presented a request from the Markin Glen Park Development Campaign
for $28,000 paid over three years toward their goal for matching funds.

Treasurer Brown reminded the Board that in 1998 when a similar requested was received, the
recommendation of the Park Committee was to direct funds to our Township parks for
development.  She further commented Markin Glen Park is a good idea, but stands by the
recommendation previously made by the Park Committee.  Trustee Johnson concurred
commenting there are other sources for Markin Glen.     

Trustee Bushouse commented he felt we should look beyond our own parks, and in the overall
development of the county we should  make some contribution.  

Clerk Everett commented that our parks are used a lot, by non-residents as well as residents,
therefore, we are supporting parks for others.  She also agreed that Markin Glen is a good idea
and would not be opposed to making a contribution, but feels the amount being requested is too
high considering what we would like to accomplish for our own parks.  

Mary Lynn Bugge, read a statement on behalf of Libby Heiny-Cogswell encouraging the Board
to participate in the Markin Glen Park project.

Trustee Block recommended a one time donation of a maximum of $1,000 and supported the
Park Committee recommendation regarding directing funds to Township parks.

Treasurer Brown commented she could support a donation of that amount.

Motion made by Block, seconded by Brown to approve a one time donation of $1,000 for Markin
Glen Park.  Carried.

Supervisor Fleckenstein presented a request from Kalamazoo County for financial assistance
regarding the shortfall regarding the Gypsy Moth spray program conducted by the County earlier
this year.   The Township share is calculated to be $25,000.  

Treasurer Brown advised the administration fee the Township was to have received for being the
collecting agency for the program had been turned back to the County to address the shortfall.  
She felt the program was put together hurriedly and should not cost taxpayers again.

Clerk Everett advised the cost to the Township has amounted to approximately $10,620,
including the waived administration fee, staff time, programming costs, and mailing costs.  She
further noted that Township participation was to have been as the collecting agency and feels the
expenses incurred are more than sufficient as a contribution to the program.  She also commented
lack of participation in the program contributed to the shortfall.

Supervisor Fleckenstein also advised the County is seeking a commitment for the 2001 year
program.  He felt it was not very successful in terms of being able to spray the number of eligible
acres in the Township.  

Treasurer Brown stated she could not support committing further funds or to another year of the

Trustee Anderson commented that education and proper administration was not done and would
agree we have paid enough.  

Motion made by Anderson, seconded by Brown to advise the County we will not be contributing
any further funds, advising them of expenses already incurred for the program.  Carried.

Motion made by Brown, seconded by Block to authorize the Supervisor to write a letter to the
County indicating that based on the experience of the year 2000, we do not anticipate
participation in 2001.  Carried.

                     BOARD MEMBER COMMENTS
Trustee Johnson expressed concern at the drop off on St. James Street in the Oak Park
Development off North 6th Street.  He feels this is very dangerous.


Trustee Bushouse advised the benefit breakfast for the Stephanie VanDorn Medical Fund held
this past Sunday at Ted & Marie’s, raised $3,120.00.  

He also commented that a guardrail has been installed on North 7th Street.

He further commented he is looking forward to the next four years being beneficial to the
residents and businesses, the campaign has been interesting and he sincerely hopes that all parties
can leave their baggage at the door and start planning four great years for the best interest of the

He also advised Mr. Paddock  he will put any concerns in the future in writing so there will be no
misunderstandings regarding how he views the codes.

There was no further business and the meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

DEBORAH L. EVERETT                              Attested: RON FLECKENSTEIN
Township Clerk                                            Supervisor