April 26, 2005

The Oshtemo Township Board public comment session was cancelled.

Supervisor VanDyke called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Also present were James Porter, Township Attorney, Marc Elliott, Township Engineer, Planning Director Jodi Stefforia, and approximately 9 interested people.

Clerk Everett noted corrections to the April 12th minutes; under Grange Floor Restoration correct second sentence of second paragraph to "to confirm the bid is all inclusive" and note the motion regarding the item as "Carried". Motion by Sikora, second by VanDyke to approve the minutes of the April 12th Regular meeting as corrected. Carried.

Income to the General and Fire Funds of $99,462.36 and disbursements of $188,482.01 were reported. Motion by Culp, second by Rakowski to accept the receipts and disbursements report. Carried.




Planning Director Stefforia advised a $200,000 Community Development Block Grant is being sought to off-set the cost of the road, water and sewer project benefiting Harrison Packing and the future Township park on Stadium Park Way. At this new 40,000 square foot facility, Harrison Packing will be able to consolidate operations and grow the company. It is anticipated that at least 10 new jobs will be created at Harrison Packing over the next two years due to the growth and at least 51% of the new jobs will be available to low and moderate income persons. She advised with infrastructure in place future development will be encouraged in the area further benefiting the community and low to moderate income persons. She further advised engineering plans will be completed in the near future and application made to the State of Michigan for sewer and water permits.

There was no public comment.

Motion by Rakowski, second by Sikora to adopt a resolution authorizing the grant application and Supervisor VanDyke to execute all necessary documentation. Roll call showed Bushouse-yes, Corakis-yes, Culp-yes, Everett-yes, Rakowski-yes, VanDyke-yes.


The Planning Commission recommendation to approve a request to rezone the rear property at 8128 and 8178 West Main from "RR" Rural Residential to "C" Commercial was before the Board for First Reading.

Planning Director Stefforia advised the front 660 feet of both parcels are zoned commercial; the rear 557 feet on the western parcel and 140 feet on the eastern parcel are zoned RR Rural Residential. The request would rezone the balance of the eastern parcel and all but the northern 200 feet of the western parcel.

Ms. Stefforia advised the Planning Commission concluded the rezoning, while not consistent with the Master Land Use Plan, was appropriate based, in part, upon the historical use of the front 660 feet for commercial purposes since 1973, and that it would be reasonable to allow the long standing business to expand without setting an undesirable precedent in this area of West Main where mixed land uses exist.

Motion by Everett, second by Corakis to accept the item for First Reading and set Second Reading for May 10th. Carried.


Kay Oppliger, Vice President of the Oshtemo Historical Society advised they had reviewed three bids for repair of masonry items at the Drake House:

Mulder Waterproofing & Sealants - $19,673.00

VanDam & Kruizenga - $15,440.00

Vandermay Construction - $29,388.00

She advised their recommendation was to accept the bid from Mulder as the group felt their bid was complete and itemized, the company has experience with historic buildings, they will have the mortar analyzed for custom color match, the total price appears to be a better all around value and they can begin work right away on the chimneys. She noted the roofing contractor cannot begin his work until the chimney repair is completed.

Motion by Everett, second by Rakowski to accept the bid from Mulder Waterproofing & Sealants in the amount of $19,673.00.

A bid from Charlie Taplin representing A & B Sewer for installation of sewer and water lines to the Drake House was reviewed. Lengthy discussion included changes to the pipe material, size and items in the bid previously authorized.

Motion by Corakis, second by Sikora to authorize a contract with A & B Sewer not to exceed $22,000.00 with all work subject to review and approval by Township Engineer Elliott, OHS Liaison Rakowski, and Supervisor VanDyke.


Trustee Bushouse presented a recommendation from the Building & Grounds Committee to authorize a contract with Maxwell & Associates in the amount of $1,546.500 for construction of an addition to the Township Hall. He noted the contract did not include data network, phones, moving costs, furnishings or interior signage.

In response to board member questions, Architect Terry Schley advised a separate electrical service would be provided.

Trustee Bushouse commented the vision of this project is long term to serve the needs of the township for 20 plus years. Committee members commended Architect Terry Schley for his work on this project.

Motion by Bushouse, second by Culp to authorize the Supervisor and Clerk to sign the contact with Maxwell & Associates. Carried.


Planning Director Stefforia advised bids had been received for the removal of refuse at the Stadium Drive property being purchased by Harrison Packing. Charlie Taplin, representing A & B Sewer advised the work could be completed within the next two weeks.

Motion by Culp, second by Rakowski to accept the bid from A & B Sewer in the amount of $5,200 and offer the buyer the opportunity to observe the removal. Carried.


Treasurer Culp advised clarification was needed regarding the recent change in the interest policy for sewer and water mortgage agreements to state the interest will be set at January 1st of each year at prime plus 2%.

Motion by Everett, second by Rakowski to establish the interest rate for sewer and water mortgage agreements at January 1st of each year at prime plus 2%. Carried.


Trustee Corakis presented a recommendation from the Park Committee to approve a proposal from Four Seasons Maintenance for additional sand to be placed under playground equipment in the Township Park and Flesher Field in the amount of $2,400. including spreading.

Motion by Corakis, second by Sikora to approve the expenditure. Carried.


Trustee Bushouse presented an update from the Sewer/Water Committee advising there has been resistance from some residents on West H Avenue to grant an easement for water installation in order to save trees in the right of way. He commented the Board should stand firm in their position not to compensate for these easements and support the effort being made to obtain them.

Mr. Bushouse also advised a petition is being circulated in part of the West Port Plat for extension of public sewer.

Mr. Bushouse also advised the Park Committee is holding discussion with Climax Telephone Service regarding possible placement of a small service building on the Oshtemo Community Center property.

There was no further business and the meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:45 p.m.

Township Clerk

Attested: John VanDyke