Office of the Clerk

Dusty Farmer is the Oshtemo Township Clerk.

State Law regulates most of the duties of a Township Clerk, but each township can divide or delegate other duties to meet their needs. 

Clerk Farmer will be able to assist you in the following areas:

  • Voter registration and election questions, or check the State Website
  • Township records
  • Cemetery information and burial needs
  • Parks rental information and tracking
  • General information – demographics & history

Other duties include:

  • Accounting
  • Payroll & accounts payable
  • Township Board Minutes
  • Records Management 
  • Office administration
  • Web Administration
  • Social Media Administration

The Clerks Staff includes:

Melissa Rugg, Deputy Clerk

Dusty Farmer, Clerk

Melissa Rugg, Deputy Clerk

Sally Higgins, Administrative Assistant to the Clerk and Treasurer

The Clerk will be available to assist you by phone, email at, or by open office hours.


7275 W. Main Street, at the corner of 7th Street


269 216-5224


269 375-7180


7275 W. Main St
Kalamazoo MI 49009