For tax and assessing information, or to pay your taxes online, please visit the link below:


Please Note:
You will be charged a 3% convenience fee if you choose to pay your current taxes online.





Your 2017 winter tax bill will be mailed December 1, 2016. Taxes are due and payable without penalty by February 14, 2017. Taxes paid February 15th – February 28th, 2017 will be assessed a 3% late penalty. You may pay your Taxes in person at 7275 West Main, or you may mail them to the same address. Postmark of February 14, 2017 will be accepted BUT MUST BE RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE February 22, 2017…NO EXCEPTIONS! Confirmation of payment is available online at accessible thru the Tax and Assessing link.

Taxes are updated daily on the website. If you wish to receive a receipt from our office, feel free to contact the Treasurer and one will be sent to you. Summer and Winter Taxes paid after March 1st must be paid at the Kalamazoo County Treasurer’s Office.

Have questions?

Please call or stop in as soon as possible – by addressing your concerns early, we can better solve the problem!

If your check is returned for any reason you will be charged a $30.00 NSF fee and you must pay your taxes with cash or a cashier’s check. The $30.00 fee must be paid on a separate check from taxes.  If a cashier’s check is used it must be separate from the tax check.

You may estimate your taxes by going to the Property Tax Estimator.

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