The Public Hearing for the Master Plan Update is scheduled for Thursday, December 14, 2017 at 7:00pm at the Township Hall. The DRAFT Master Plan update can be found HERE. In addition, the DRAFT Master Plan Update may be examined at the Oshtemo Township Hall during normal business hours.

You are invited to attend this hearing. If you are unable to attend, written comments may be submitted in lieu of a personal appearance by writing to the Planning Commission at the Township Hall, 7275 W. Main Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49009, up to the date of the hearing and may be further received by the Planning Commission at said hearing. Or, written comments may be provided by e-mail to Planning Director Julie Johnston at gro.omethso@notsnhojj.

The Planning Department is working on an update to the Township Master Plan.  A master plan is an important tool used to identify needs and to set a direction for future growth and development. The Michigan Planning Enabling Act, which grants authority to the Township to prepare plans for its future, requires that the Master Plan be updated every five years.  The current Master Plan, which has been functioning very well for the Township, was last updated in 2012.

Generally, the development of a new master plan is warranted when significant development or socio-economic changes have occurred in a community.  Due to the recession, which began in 2007/2008, much of Oshtemo remains consistent with the existing Master Plan.  Therefore, the intent of this master plan update is to focus primarily on those issues currently most important to the development of the Township.

The update will include:
Rural Character Preservation Strategy
The Future Land Use Map of the Master Plan identifies the majority of the western two-thirds of Oshtemo Township for Rural Residential use.  The Plan calls for the protection and preservation of natural features within the area and the defining rural character.  However, a clear implementation strategy to achieve rural character preservation is lacking, and there is no detailed connection between planning policies and zoning regulations/tools which can achieve rural character.  A new “Rural Character Preservation Strategy” will be established as part of the Master Plan update, which outlines a clear path for implementing the Township’s vision for this area through various zoning and other development techniques.

Maple Hill Sub-Area Plan 

The current Oshtemo Township Master Plan specifically calls out the Maple Hill Drive South area as a “sub-area”; however, a detailed sub-area plan was not developed. Currently comprised of an existing golf course and smaller adjacent properties, this area has strong potential to accommodate new development due to its location near West Main Street and US-131.  Given this potential, it is critical to undertake a sub-area study, where a preferred development character can be identified, consistent with
community goals and market demand.

Village Theme Development Plan
The Village Theme Development Plan was adopted in 2006 to help guide new development within the old historic Oshtemo Village area (Stadium Drive/9th Street).  The Downtown Development Authority and Planning Commission wish to complete a comprehensive review and update of the Plan to help improve the development potential of Village.

Future Land Use Map Update
The Future Land Use Plan and Map define the future land development vision for Oshtemo Township based on sound planning principles and the community’s desires for the future. It builds on the historic development patterns of the community, factoring in the unique environmental features and the desire to protect the rural character of the community. At the same time, it provides for anticipated growth and development in appropriate areas of the community. As a final step in the Master Plan update, a review of the current Future Land Use Map will be completed to determine if any changes need to be addresses.

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