About the Oshtemo Township Fire Department

The Oshtemo Township Fire Department is a combination fire department comprised of full-time staff as well as paid-on-call members.  OFD currently has 10 full-time positions and 45 paid-on-call positions.  Through this system the department provides 24/7/365 protection to the 36 square miles and 22,802 residents of the township.

The department operates three Fire Stations and 16 pieces of apparatus.  Two of the Fire Stations are staffed 24/7.  Our third Station houses a fire engine that is routinely responded by paid-on-call personnel.  Fire Station 5-1 is staffed with 1 full-time Driver/Operator and one paid-on-call Firefighter by working a 24 hour shift.  Station 5-1 is also staffed by the Chief, Deputy Chief, and Assistant Chief from 7 am – 6 pm, Monday thru Friday.  Fire Station 5-2 is staffed by 1 full-time Driver/Operator and 1 paid-on-call Firefighter by working a 24 hour shift.  Station 5-2 is also staffed by our Training Officer from 8 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday.  Paid-on-call firefighters remain “on-call” and ready to answer any alarm which may come in at any time.  These firefighters respond from their homes, places of employment, or wherever they may be at the time of the call.

There are four levels of rank within the paid-on-call system, consisting of Firefighters, Driver/Operators, Lieutenants, and Captains.  Each level of rank has certain responsibilities outlined below:

  • Firefighters – provide all technical response to our community’s emergency needs.
  • Driver/Operators – same responsibilities as firefighters plus the responsibility of staffing the Fire Stations and responding additional apparatus to alarms.  In the absence of a Lieutenant or Captain they serve as the incident supervisor.
  • Lieutenants and Captains – same duties as Driver/Operators plus the responsibilities of serving as supervisors on emergency scenes as well as assisting department administration in implementing department policies.

The type of emergency call determines the level of response from the department.  Because two Stations are staffed, the township is divided into a north section and a south section thus allowing a single apparatus response for smaller events.  The location of the call will also determine the type of response from the department. Below are some common examples:

EMS Call

Depending on the location of the call either Fire Station 5-1 or Fire Station 5-2 will respond with a Rescue (GMC Yukon) staffed by the on-duty person.  Paid-on-call staff will respond to the scene or to a Station to provide additional staffing for a secondary response and to provide dispatching services.  Providing additional staffing to the Fire Stations is an important role since 12% of our alarms occur before the previous alarm has been cleared.  In addition to the fire department response Life EMS Ambulance responds to provide advanced life support and transport services.

Motor Vehicle Accident with Injuries (MVA)

Engine 511 from Fire Station 5-1 and Squad 582 from Fire Station 5-2 respond emergent (with lights and sirens) to all MVA calls regardless of the location.  Paid-on-call staff responds to the scene or to the Station to provide additional staffing.  Life EMS Ambulance responds to provide advanced life support and transport services.

Fire Alarm

For an automatic fire alarm with no sign of a working fire both Engine 511 from Station 5-1 and Telesquirt 532 from Station 5-2 respond.  Only the first due apparatus responds emergent. Additional apparatus will respond with paid-on-call driver/operators non-emergent until it is advised there is no fire emergency.  Should an active fire be found, all apparatus will be immediately upgraded and the automatic aid departments will be dispatched.


For a reported fire both Engine 511 and Telesquirt 532 respond emergent regardless of the location of the call.  Additional apparatus (Engine 521, Tower 541, Engine 513, and Squad 582) respond emergent with paid-on-call staffing.  In addition a pre-determined neighboring automatic aid fire department is dispatched upon the first receipt of the call to provide additional resources.

We also respond to other jurisdictions under automatic aid and mutual aid agreements.  Just as other departments come into Oshtemo to assist us, we go to other jurisdictions to assist them.


Below is the current department roster with each members length of service with the Oshtemo Fire Department.  The bold names indicate the full-time staff.

  • Chief Barnes:  2008
  • Deputy Chief McComb:  2017
  • Asst. Chief/Fire Marshal Wiley: 1980
  • Captain R Everett:  1983
  • Captain C Everett:  1999
  • Lieutenant Fletcher:  1992
  • Lieutenant Putman:  1997
  • Lieutenant Eric Burghardt: 2006
  • Lieutenant Bob Flahive: 2007
  • Lieutenant Keck: 2008
  • Driver / Operator Josh Brady:  2002
  • Driver / Operator Nathan Carley: 2011
  • Driver / Operator John Godush 2013
  • Driver / Operator Michael Parker: 2012
  • Driver / Operator Jared Rice: 2013
  • Driver / Operator Wild:  2007
  • Driver / Operator Fuller: 2014
  • Firefighter Brouwer: 2017
  • Firefighter Chambers: 2017
  • Firefighter Crepas: 2016
  • Firefighter Hippensteel:  1996
  • Firefighter Kubacki: 2015
  • Firefighter Kurtz:  2010
  • Firefighter Langer: 2013
  • Firefighter Moe: 2016
  • Firefighter Morgan: 2016
  • Firefighter Olsen:  1997
  • Firefighter Roberts:  2011
  • Firefighter Toepper: 2015
  • Firefighter Tomkowiak: 2016
  • Firefighter VanScoder: 2017
  • Firefighter VerMeulen: 2016
  • Firefighter Wall: 2015
  • Firefighter Wednig: 2017

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